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Super Trainers Boot Camp

Super Trainers Boot Camp


The TTST is a unique result-oriented initiative to produce Super Trainers. It is planned to be conducted in a self-learning and experiencing environment which will be evolved as per the needs and aspirations of participants. We have a focused aim of approaching the subject at a macro level where the character quality and values of a trainer, resulting in productivity and results are considered more important than the micro issues such as Public Speaking, Body Language etc.

It is also planned to conduct an Intensive programme in an environment which is serene and peaceful, keeping normal distractions away. The natural environment of a resort away from the city environment will add value.


To facilitate the transition of committed professionals to high-quality Super Trainers, witnessing the journey of evolving into capable and effective trainers leading a successful satisfying training career.

The five-day Intensive Boot Camp will be conducted in the following format:-

  • The entire session will be based on Experiential learning in indoor as well as outdoor environments, using nature and outdoor activities (including adventure) as tools for learning.
  • Intensive five days residential boot camp will provide an effective learning environment.
  • Modular sessions based on progressive learning – one leading to the other.
  • Facilitation mode. Maximum participation by the learner’s group with controlled interactive sessions.
  • Workbook-based. You will be expected to make notes that you can document and preserve for posterity.
  • Sharing of a lot of reference material.
  • Learners’ training needs and aspirations will be well addressed.
  • Networking with trainers and facilitators from varying domains and hailing from multi cities.

Daily Routine

The daily routine will be as follows:-

  1. Morning Session. 90 mins sessions daily will focus on energizing, rejuvenating and physical fitness, resulting in a fresh mind to receive and absorb learnings more effectively.
  2. Breakfast, bath and change after the morning session.
  3. 4-5 hours. Both indoor and outdoor with a mid-morning tea break in between.
  4. 60 mins. We discourage an afternoon siesta.
  5. 4-5 hours, both indoor and outdoor with a high tea in between.
  6. Games / Outdoors/ Adventure Activities. As per programme.
  7. Me Time. This is your personal time for your study, revision and group discussions. You will receive instructions on a daily basis.


A collaborative training experience that has been designed with 100% participation and sharing by all. It is interactive by design and works on co-creation by conduct. Fun, music, colour, and games are the vehicles on which Training rides.

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