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Brigadier, Sushil demonstrates a key component of effective self-leadership. He is as willing to learn as he is to teach. He is a hungry sponge, and a life-long learner. His Program ‘Battlefield to Boardroom’ based on his 34 years’ experience as a military leader comes with a unique approach in Leadership Coaching.

    Andrew Bryant

    International Keynote Speaker

    Working with Sushil Bhasin within the Happy Neighborhood Project community has been a joy. Personal Growth and Development for everyone involved is a goal that Sushil expresses weekly. How will you work this week to better yourself and those around you ? His Military Leadership skills are so well applied in the civil life.

      Cathy Weaver

      Kangan Water Rep, Mentor at HNP

      Brig Sushil Bhasin, a highly inspired Military Leader, works passionately on building ‘High Performing Teams’ through his unique experiential learning modules. He takes a deep interest to understand the requirements of the team and conducts the programmes completely in sync with the objectives. I highly recommend him for Leadership and Team Building training.

        Giri Giridhar

        Exec VP and CFO Indian Hotels Co Ltd