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Time Manager’s Program


A journey of evolution from Consuming Time to Creating Time

As technology works out newer ways to make life easier for managers and save their time, more managers paradoxically appear to be left with less time than ever.

The demand from bosses, peers, subordinates, clients, and stakeholders is growing exponentially and they demand responses in real-time. Managers need to operate ahead of the predictability curve. Thinking on the feet and quick implementation is the name of the game. There is no option but to learn how to invest every single second focused on the desired results. 

The journey of evolving simply involves shifting the mindset and the heart-set reinforced by tools and strategies that help you to allocate time to various activities and it is in your best interest to optimize the time you have in your hands. It focuses more on the WHY of your life’s purpose than the HOW. 

The biggest challenge for a manager today is to cope with the speed of change. If they don’t surf this Time wave, they are sure to drown.

Brig Sushil Bhasin, a Time Consciousness Coach, Transformation Trainer, and author of 6 books including ‘Million Dollar Second’ is on a mission to create a Global community of readers and thought leaders to create a mutual recognition of the value, importance, and relevance of this eternal yet scarce resource called TIME.


Time Creator’s Code

This journey ensures at least 40% growth in productivity, thereby generating abundant time that can be invested into preferred activities which lead to happiness and a life of fulfillment.

The tools, if applied efficiently, can effectively track your progress through every stage and outline fair growth across various dimensions of life.

This is not merely a learning model but an effective implementation roadmap to help those who are aligned toward personal growth and development.



When you focus on living a life full of happiness and fulfillment by having control over your time and productivity, you eventually live your dream and design your own life your way.