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Unleash Your Potential with
TTST (Train the Super Trainer)

What is TTST?

TTST is not just another course or program – it is an immersive journey that will propel you beyond the confines of traditional training. Our mission is to empower you with the mindset, knowledge, and skills, required to become an extraordinary trainer, leaving an indelible impact on your audience. TTST is not just training; it’s an experience that will transform you into a SUPER trainer!

Relaunch of TTST

With a legacy of conducting TTST in various formats, including TTOT, TTST Mentoring, TTST Bits and Bytes, and Dronacharya (with Eka Academy), we have trained over 5000 trainers. Now, we are super excited to present the latest avatar – TTST ONLINE – a 12-week program conducted on Zoom. The first batch of this new edition commences on 12 Aug 2023.

How Does TTST Differ from Ordinary Training Programs?

In a market flooded with ordinary trainers, TTST shines as a beacon of excellence. Here’s what sets a SUPER trainer apart from the crowd.

  • Passion Ignites Brilliance: A SUPER trainer is fuelled by an unwavering passion for their subject matter. They ignite brilliance in their learners, inspiring them to explore and grow.
  • Personal Transformation: TTST goes beyond teaching techniques; it’s about your personal transformation. A SUPER trainer understands the power of authenticity and vulnerability, fostering a safe space for learners to flourish.
  • Emotional Intelligence: While ordinary trainers stick to the script, a SUPER trainer is attuned to the emotions of their audience. They connect on a deeper level, making learning a profoundly impactful experience.
  • Adaptability & Innovation: A SUPER trainer embraces change and stays ahead of the predictability curve. They continuously innovate their training methodologies, making learning exciting and relevant.
  • Creating Lasting Change: Ordinary trainers impart knowledge, but a SUPER trainer creates lasting change in their learners’ lives. They empower individuals to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Heart and Mind in Sync: While training techniques relate to the “Hardware,” in TTST, we focus more on the software – “WHY.” Your strong desire to “serve” and transform people drives our journey. We dive deep to understand the purpose of training.

TTST Objectives

  • Hand-hold aspiring trainers to acquaint them with the will (passion, the spirit of serving, etc.) and skill (competencies, opportunities, and communication tools) required for creating, sustaining, and growing a profitable training business. This includes details like servant leadership, inner self-discovery, branding, marketing techniques, personal grooming, and an overview of the global training universe with a focus on the scenario in India and its opportunities as well as challenges.
  • Facilitating a phased and structured transition from novice to trainer and from trainer to super trainer levels.
  • Upgrading training competencies to meet the present and future challenges in the emerging learning environment.

Remember, TTST is not a conventional training program; it is a transformative experience that will unleash the SUPER trainer within you! Join us on this exciting journey of growth, impact, and success.

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Join the ranks of Super trainers and embark on a path of unparalleled success! 

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