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1. B2BIB (Battlefield to Boardroom Intensive Programme)

A small group mentoring program for mid-career professionals who are stuck in their career growth because of lack of leadership skills. The duration is 12 weeks. 

2.Corporate Training Programmes

Conducting training workshops for organisations has been our forte for 17 years.  We use a combination of experiential learning and facilitation in our pedagogy and delivery. We customise these programs specific to client’s requirements. We have a proven track record of transforming teams and individuals.


We focus on Leadership and Team-Building including allied behavioural aspects like Decision making, Trust Building, Resilience, Problem Solving, Time management, Resource Management etc.


The next introductory online masterclass is tentatively scheduled to be held on Sunday 18 Sep at 11:00 am

3. SIGI (Set it! Get it!!)

A unique program on Goal management. Brand new perspectives of setting and achieving goals in 2022-23. SIGI is tweaked to cater for the emerging post COVID life. There are changes not only in the learning and application of tools and techniques, but also in the ‘perspective’ and ‘approach’ to Goal management. The common approach we have been using is now redundant and obsolete. Lets view it from the lens of the FUTURE.

The next introductory online masterclass is tentatively scheduled to be held on Sunday 18 Sep at 11:00 am

For details please contact or call on +91 9930462135 / +91 9833433198

4. TMP. Time Management Program

In this fast moving jet-age, we give up on many things as ‘not doable’ as we think we don’t have time for them. That’s a myth. The reality is ‘ it is not the lack of time, it is the lack of planning. It’s bad prioritisation. It’s bad time management.


In this short program you are sure to not only manage time better and get more out of it, but also create extra time and get more out of more time.


The next TMP masterclass is tentatively scheduled for Sun 2 Oct 11:00 am

5. TTST Train the SUPER Trainer

This outstanding program for trainers was designed and launched in 2016. We trained over 1500 trainers ion our basic and 62 in the advanced training, across 5 cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad.


TTST is a unique programme that focuses on the ‘WHY should you train,’ more than ‘HOW should you train.’ With practical, down-to-earth, hands on experiential learning approach, this program produced excellent results.


This program is now an exclusive ‘on-demand’ program.

6. . TTOT. Train The ONLINE Trainer.

This was a version of TTST, curated in Mar 2020 and launched in May 2020, to meet the requirements of trainers to train on virtual platforms like Zoom, during the pandemic. A highly successful program based on the concept of ‘HIVE’ – High Impact Virtual Engagement.

This program is now an exclusive ‘on-demand’ program.