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I Am What I Think I Am

I Am What I Think I Am

Self-belief is the key to unlimited success in a life that is shorter than a blink  

Am I getting the best out of my life?
Do I know the purpose of my life?
Did I come to this planet with my destiny blueprint and all I do is based on my luck?
Do I have choices in my life or am I forced to live a life the way my parents and society want me to live?

Are these some of the questions that keep popping up in your wandering, monkey mind?

Do you know that numerous researchers working with the terminally ill have pointed out that when it is time to leave the body and move on, almost no one talks of one’s accomplishments? They ONLY regret not attempting or doing stuff that they wanted to, which had been well within their capacities. No one has issues with the shortage of wealth; everyone has issues with TIME frittered away meaninglessly when it could have been used judiciously to create something that would have added meaning, joy and love to their life, which in the final reckoning appears to have ended in a blink. You may like to watch an inspiring video by Randy Pausch at

I am what I think I am. That is the power of our mind. When say “I can,” I can and when I say “I can’t,” I can’t. I am right anyway. Giving up or persisting is a choice we all have. We form our belief systems in early childhood. And they develop as we keep growing. Our experiences either validate them or contradict them. But, I know for sure, a conscious effort to understand the power of mind and developing and shaping your belief systems helps you get the best of your life.

When we talk of the power of mind we are also talking of ‘thinking’ – a powerful free, limitless tool that works tirelessly with no limits. Our thoughts control our beliefs and our actions. And again, the good news is, we can control our thoughts. Our thoughts are vibrations of energy and have a powerful influence on the way we behave and live.

It is worthwhile to focus on how the mind thinks, what it fears, what it loves and enjoys, what it says to itself (the little voice) and what it avoids or intentionally brushes away. I strongly feel that the “Art of Thinking” must be taught in schools. It is probably the most important thing we do. Managing 50000 to 70000 thoughts every single day is a colossal task. There has to be a method to handle them.

It is also believed that what you focus on, you attract. Mastery in controlling your thoughts can direct them towards your desired outcomes. Mind power is understanding these principles and making thoughts work for us.

When you feel the need of changing the way you want to live, you must use your mind power and change your thinking to affect changes in your life. “For my life to change, I must change first. And for me to change, I must change the way I think.”

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