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You Want A New Year Or A New Life?

You Want A New Year Or A New Life?

When was it that you last time uttered these words, “No matter what!”
I have to do “this” “no matter what!, or “come what may!
Have you ever felt the power of these three little words?

To Live Life That Matters, (#LLTM) we very often feel the need to change the way we think, behave or work.
When do you think is the best time to affect those changes?
When do you resolve to do what you want to do?
Or when is the right time to set goals?

The answer is in one word “NOW.”

Many of us wake up in the end of December and go around making new year resolutions. We all wait for that magical day of        1st January when we say to ourselves, “I  am going to be a different person.” If that was true, on 1st January we would see a whole new world, a world in which everyone has transformed into more efficient, determined, productive people, achieving their individual goals relentlessly. We would see wonders happening every new year. Has that ever happened?

No. It does not happen. Tony Robbins says that 95% people who make New Year resolutions break them by 15th January. And many people don’t even make resolutions. I know of a friend who was in a similar situation. Year on year his resolutions failed. Till one year he final succeeded. His resolution was, “I will never ever make a new year resolution.” And now every year he succeeds.

Does this sound familiar? Has it ever happened to you?

I have been a Goal Setting student of Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn. Having studied and researched this subject in detail, I have conducted many open Goal Setting workshops. I have also taught Goal Setting in Corporates, in schools and colleges for teachers as well as students. Recently I designed an Online Course on Goal Setting

Last year I studied Reasons why New Year Resolutions fail. This year I have decided to help all those who wished to be helped on working a sure shot method of setting and achieving goals for 2018.


Come and join me on a FREE Online session on a 30 minutes FaceBook Live session on Tue, 26 December 2018 at 8:30 pm.

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