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Design Your Life

Design Your Life

Writing a book was a dream.

I thought of it many times but never got down to writing it till I heard Gerry Robert’s question, “If you thought of writing a book, why did you not do it?”

Of the many answers that came from the audience, one appealed to me. I was not sure whether I can write a good, interesting book without mistakes. And his comment “Start writing your first ‘imperfect’ book”, worked wonders.

My first ‘imperfect book’ is finally published. 

It deals with my passion. I discovered my purpose in life at the age of 54 when I took a conscious decision of stepping out of a stable, brilliant career in the Indian Army into a new world of students. I realized that teaching gives me immense pleasure and impacts their lives, even if in a small measure. 

I conducted various training interventions, classroom, outdoors, adventure, online, etc. in the last 12 years. This exposure made me realize that today’s generation has been overloaded with information and has multiple options adding to the confusion. They need direction and focus.

In this book, I have made an attempt to bring self-discovery in Focus and clarity giving them a possible direction in life. As children do not like ‘gyan’ I have done it through stories, no theories. 

The book serves as a self-developmental tool for students, a guiding instrument for parents and teachers, and a review tool for adults who may like to make mid-course corrections. 

The book is available online on various platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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