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Their Time Is Your Business

Their Time Is Your Business

The times have changed, and time strategies also need to change. Are you open to embracing the new paradigm?

As a leader, one is not only responsible for managing one’s own time but for investing the time of one’s followers in a way that maximizes the return on every second they’ve chosen to contribute. Old-world time management is dead; the ongoing digital revolution killed it. Welcome to the new age of time investment, where every second is or can be worth a million dollars, especially for those who lead complex teams comprising thousands of colleagues. Technology is introducing new levels of complexity into the world every moment. There are more lures in the form of infotainment channels and business platforms on the web than ever before. These lures are intensely competing for the attention of the human mind and calling for a revisiting of old ways of dealing with time as a resource.

Million Dollar $econd is a record of new strategies being used across the world for utilizing time as the scarce resource in a world that is changing faster than ever. The book also offers a window into time strategies of 15 volunteers with their time challenging stories. The difference between good old ‘time management’ and the new approach called ‘time investment’ is the acknowledgement that the world will continue to change in ways that can no longer be predicted accurately. In other words, time management assumes a less dynamic world or more static world than the one we are currently living in.

The title of the book is also the name of my signature program on time investment that combines the insights I gathered in my thirty years as a leader in the olive green uniform and my decade-and-half as a trainer coach in the corporate world.

The art of timing, faster reflexes, and a willingness to engage in continuous learning are some areas that one needs to focus on to make the best use of time in a VUCA-D3 (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Diverse, Disruptive and Digital) world. The book dwells at length on concepts like ROTI (Return on Time Invested), HW (Hourly Worth), and Time Compounding, which are certain to help readers arrive at a better idea of what it means to invest (using time efficiently to get maximum returns for every second).

Million Dollar $econd is designed as a transformational manual with an in-built workbook feature in it. After reading each chapter, the reader can gauge his/her time intelligence quotient and also chart the way ahead with the help of prompts. It is also the first time that an author has linked the offline reading pleasure to an online readers community called ‘Time Investors League’, taking the one-way communication characteristic of a book to a multi-channel communication between a global network of readers. The goal is to create a time-conscious world, one aware reader at a time.