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7 Secrets Of Developing The Super Trainer In You

7 Secrets Of Developing The Super Trainer In You

Whether you are working as a trainer in an organization or you are an independent trainer, your career is your personal responsibility. I am sharing 7 secrets for developing your training career, which will make your career or business rewarding; both emotionally and financially.

1. Set Clear Goals. Begin with absolute clarity and focus on what you really want in life. Define your goals clearly. Set timelines and then work on them. Goals, not written are only wishes and desires or dreams. Write your goals, ensuring they are SMART, and review them periodically. This is the first step. If not done well, you are likely to miss out on the immense power within you.



2. Take Ownership of Your Life. You are 100% responsible for your career and your life. Stop blaming circumstances or people around you. Take complete ownership of your life and learn to be accountable to yourself. This comes from self-discipline. Be strict with yourself. Remember success was never found in the comfort zone. Do not only keep planning and thinking. Move. Take action ! Be prepared to make mistakes. You learn a lot from your failures.



3. Formulate a Personal Development Strategy. Once your goals are defined, you need to work on a clear strategy. It is a broad plan to achieve your goals in the predetermined time period. It must cater to continuous, evolving, and progressive growth. Please have a ‘feedforward’ (not feedback) system in place. Review your plans periodically. Commitment and determination need to be developed to keep you on track.



4. Develop Your Niche. It is important that you first discover and then project your uniqueness. Identify your passion and work on it. Look at what you are really good at, what you love doing, and what gives you tremendous satisfaction. Pick up such a subject and gain expertise in it. It is important to find something that is uncommon.  That helps.



5. Strengthen Your Strengths. Knowing your weaknesses and being conscious of them is good. But do not waste much time and effort on eradicating weaknesses. Spend your time and effort on strengthening your strengths. This will encourage you, bring in positivity, and lead to desired results quicker, with lesser effort.



6. Acquire and Develop Appropriate Skills. Any voids in the flow must be filled up. Discover what you don’t know or need to know better. To achieve your goals there will be skills that you have and skills that you don’t. Acquire them and work hard on them so that they enhance your strengths.



7. Hire a Coach. Coaching will provide you with the support you need. No matter how hard you try, for achieving success in a shorter time, hire a coach. It’s extremely challenging and time-consuming to do it on your own. You need guidance and course corrections. It really helps. Select your coach deliberately. He must have achieved what you wish to achieve and he must be passionate about coaching, putting all his might into making you a success.



To get into action and develop the trainer in you here is an opportunity.

I will be personally grateful to fellow trainers, facilitators, teachers, and students who can share their ideas so that we can build on these.

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