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Gems Of Facilitations

Gems Of Facilitations
Some Gems I picked up during a very interesting and extremely effective session on Using Facilitation as a tool in the corporate world by Mr. Kaviarasu and his team from Asian Paints. These are not necessarily what Kavi or his team said. It includes what I interpreted, how I think I can apply, and what I picked up from our small/large group interactions.
  • A facilitator profits from the wisdom of the group.
  • People need to be seen as ‘complete people’, with their backgrounds and everything that they bring to the table. When we reduce them to their ‘roles’ they stand diminished.
  • While using facilitation as a tool or process, we must remember and accept that we are imperfect.
  • People are hired for their knowledge and paid for their behaviour.
  • It is not the process or the method that is important as long as anything we do relates to the ‘Outcome.’
  • A facilitator must detach himself from tools and transfer the power to the group and focus on outcomes.
  • Share stories of good/bad performance. Let words/sentences stretch beyond language and focus on the ‘experience.’ Let the employees get the real ‘meaning’.
  • It is great if a group after a review meeting feels energized for what is going to happen rather than deflated by what could not be done.
  • Create ‘shared settings’ by replacing the collective wisdom of the group to replace the mailbox, PowerPoint slides, or theoretical, management jargon.
  • A meeting must culminate into an informed, actionable, practical ‘Action Plan’.
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Here’s some news : The Asia Conference of the IAF is coming back to India ( It went toSchenzen in 2012Tokyo in 2013, and Singapore in 2014).  20-22 Aug 2015, Mumbai will play host to the IAF, Asia Conference. Thats the best news I have heard in a long time.  More details flowing in
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