TTOT [Train the ONLINE trainer] aims at elevating the STECC Speakers
As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Author, TTST, Online Workshops, Youth Leadership Program, Train The Super Trainer, Design Your Life
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TTOT – A done with you program for the STECC Community


TTOT [Train the ONLINE trainer] aims at elevating the STECC [Speakers, Trainers, Educators, Coaches, and consultants] community from the conventional stage/classroom to the virtual platform. The focus is on creating a High Impact Virtual Engagement [HIVE] bringing the audience vibration as close as possible to the face-to-face engagement.

Having mastered the art of virtual presentation, TTOT goes further to enable its participants to transition into effective digital entrepreneurs. This is executed by creating a Digital Ecosystem by leveraging a step by step 4D framework and simultaneously working on Digital Mindset.

TTOT is not a course. It is fundamentally a journey. A journey covering step-by-step processes to achieve your goals encompassing the 3 ‘I’s – Influence, Impact, Income.

Who this is for?

  1. STECC

S – Speakers [Professional, Motivational, Public Speakers]

T – Trainers [Technical and Soft Skills Trainers]

E – Educators [Teachers, Principles, Owners of Educational Institutions]

C – Coaches

C – Consultants

  • Aspiring STECC
  • Professionals looking for Career Transitions in STECC.
  • Students
  • Retired/retiring Defence Officers

Program Outline

  1. Module 1 – OFFLINE to ONLINE transition
    1. Future of Training & Coaching Industry.
    1. Individual Vision, Mission & Values
    1. How to identify your digital niche?
  2. Module 2 – Elements of HIVE [High Impact Virtual Engagement]
    1. How to make your program engaging leveraging HIVE Methodology.
    1. Leveraging Online Platforms for high engagement
    1. Harnessing external tools & virtual whiteboards
  3. Module 3 [Digital Program Mastery]
    1. How to design a program that creates transformation & transcendence?
    1. How to create engaging videos
    1. Digital Presence & Virtual Graces
    1. How to create Cost Effective Home Studio
  4. Module 4 [Digital Sales Mastery]
    1. How to generate leads without spending on ads?
    1. How to create 1st 90 minutes winning webinar structure?
    1. How to create an irresistible offer?
    1. How  to create a customer journey leveraging Sales funnel?
    1. How to automate your funnel

Unique Features

TTOT is endowed with some unique features such as

  1. Community Learning. While 30-40% of knowledge sharing happens in the  16 sessions (4 modules, as explained in the ‘Program Outline’ above in the form of knowledge sharing and discussions, 60-70% happens in the Action Lab.
  2. Action Lab. The participants are gathered in a WhatsApp group which is the nursery of TTOT Community. This is where all the practice, teamwork, Q&A and group learning happens. The participants move from here to the Life-Long Community on the Facebook TTOT Group where 3 batches of TTOT Alumni have been merged and future courses will join in.
  • Bonuses. Monthly masterclasses, Q&A Sessions, Linked In Mastery, Book authoring, TEDx masterclass, Knowledge Hub, and many more consistent efforts to enhance the professional competence of the TTOTians is an ongoing process.
  • Value adds. Certificate, Reflective Journal, Tools and Templates, Checklists and Cheat Sheets, a unique buddy system of 3 Accountability partners, of etc are add-ons that add spice to the course content.
  • Repetitive Learning. If you miss a session? No worries. We have a solution. You can watch a video recording we provide and take the assistance of your buddies to catch up. We have another feature. You can attend subsequent TTOT programs to make up for what you missed or even otherwise, just to revise.

TTOT can be summarized as an ever-evolving and continuous process that aims to achieve the 3 ‘I’s – Influence, Impact, and Income




TTOT has been my Orchestrator & Navigator in becoming an INFLUENCER from an Entrepreneur.

– Snehlata Borkar


TTOT has helped me to drive business with a new perspective.

Samprada N, Entreprenuer


TTOT has empowered me to be v confident about how to conduct my self on all internet platforms! And how to move around during the class.

I have also become independent as to, how I can prepare my zoom sessions so that I can utilize all that Zoom has to offer and set my self up.

Ttot has taught me to be fearless and has taken away my apprehensions and disbelief about my capabilities.

There is a sense of freedom I feel!

More than ever as a trainer and an educator I know now because of TTOT that I can help my students and bring out the best in them in this new Era of teaching n Learning on line.

TTOT has helped me to be efficient in conducting webinars and has given me secrets n steps to success!!!

If I am empowered my students are empowered too!

Maria Pauline Vasudeva, Thank you TTOT


# The course helped me understand the need and importance of knowing different aspects of using technology in education

# The intensity with which the  programme is conducted keeps on your toes and you learn to practically use it to submit the assignments.

# The break out rooms, the picture quote, the videos of self and many other things will help educators to become tech savy and use in class room teaching to make their lessons interesting.

#In short duration one can learn and know many aspects of using technology in various fields.

# The energy level and dedication of both the faculties is amazing and infectious.

Geeta Sikdar

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