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As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Author, TTST, Online Workshops, Youth Leadership Program, Train The Super Trainer, Design Your Life
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Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan
Founder at Resident Mad Scientist at The Thiagi Group

I had the pleasure of meeting Brig Sushil Bhasin in Mumbai a couple of times. I have been following his activities for several years. I am impressed by the work he does and the results he produces.
Sushil is an excellent combination of a trainer, facilitator, coach, consultant, speaker, and author. He is a rational thinker and provocative writer. He is a Super Trainer who produces Super Trainers. He is a charismatic leader with great humility and selflessness.

Sushil has made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people of all ages around the world by making them more competent and happier. I am glad to be one of his admirers and I hope large numbers of professionals benefit from the work of this wonderful person.


Dame DC Cordova
CEO / Owner Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® Program

Brigadier Sushil Bhasin shares timeless principles beautifully… I have used them to build my organization, our teams and to have a loving relationship in my life. I want to thank the Brigadier for using his military background so beautifully in this so needed industry of self-development — these principles should be taught in every school globally!

Transformation Achieved

Sarajit Jha 
Chief Digital Value Acceleration, Tata Steel Limited

I have had a unique experience with Brig Sushil Bhasin’s Leadership and Team Building Session that we had at Bekal.. I was amazed at his knowledge and experience which he beautifully applied to our working environment. My team was fascinated by the way he crafted interesting activities generating experience and then in his debriefing he could beautifully relate the lessons learned by the participants to our work environment. It was a well balanced mix of fun and learning which was received very well.
The activities around underestimation of human potential and teamwork, how the top management and the middle management don’t communicate well, how we don’t hear the key objective and don’t naturally collaborate have been etched in our minds. The morning fitness session also carried a subtle message that Physical fitness cannot be neglected in our sedentary work environment.
The impact of outdoor, fun based activities, left an impact on the team, and I was more than satisfied with the transformation I observed. I will strongly recommend Brig Sushil Bhasin for Transformational Facilitation.

My Preferred Facilitator

Subroto Chakraborty
Director, Ivycap Ventures​

I have known Brigadier Sushil Bhasin for over a decade now. I found something unique and amazing about him in the first outdoor camp he did for my team in ICICI Bank in Goa. Seeing his passion, commitment and devotion along with innovations that made his training both impactful and long lasting, I took him as a preferred Leadership and Team Building facilitator.
Over the decade I hired his services in other organizations and recommended him to my friends. I saw him investing his time, money and effort in learning from top trainers in the world.
With his skills and zeal to transform individuals and teams, I strongly recommend him.


Lt Gen Gurmit Singh PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd)
Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Corps Commander

My excellent trans-formative moments with Lt Col (then) Sushil Bhasin, in early 90’s, as instructors in Pre Staff Course, have had a great impact on me. Our intense discussions cum introspection sessions on our dreams and aims of life related to leadership paved the way for my rising to the coveted rank of Lt General and tenanting higher appointment of Deputy Chief of Army Staff and also accomplishment of four distinguished/gallantry awards by the President of India. Indeed I owe immense gratitude to Brig Sushil Bhasin for such a trait on motivating and transforming.


Neeraj Shah

Founder of Titan Masterminds &
Former BNI India National Director

It is always wonderful to meet Brig Sushil Bhasin. I admire his integrity and passion to contribute to the world. Here is my one liner for him, “Brigadier Bhasin is an avid student and a potent teacher. His practical wisdom uplifts all. We are privileged to learn from him.”


Nivedita Srivastava

Program Manager – Microsoft Services

Brig. Sushil Bhasin is carrying out an excellent job by teaching students the leadership skills, spirit of teamwork, other essentials of life like punctuality, time management, need of planning before execution, developing a futuristic approach and many more. Most importantly, these takeaways are well imbibed in various fun filled activities he does.

Personalised Touch, Care, and Dedication

Thomas Johan 
COO, Evok India (Hindware Group).

Going by my 5 years of experience with Brig Bhasin’s in my erstwhile organisation, I did not think twice before requesting him to train my new team, as soon as I took over Evoke.
After a brilliantly conducted outbound leadership and team building camp in Shimla Hills, the team returned highly energised and motivated with a positive and ‘can-do’ attitude. The work place environment buzzed with energy. He translated my brief into relevant content which was delivered perfectly with passion. What we all were amazed by is his personalized touch, care and dedication. The outcome was embedded in the DNA and was highly reflected in the business results.
I will strongly recommend Brig Sushil Bhasin for Corporate Leadership and Team Building interventions. I will recommend that he continues to impart his knowledge and real time experience and continue with his ongoing nation building process.

Different from other Trainers

Parul Parmar 
GM, HR, VNR Seeds, Raipur

Brigadier Sushil Bhasin is a change agent. That’s what he was for our organisation. The outbound training that he conducted was the best I have ever experienced or heard about. I found him quite different from other trainers. He does a lot of detailing before the training. He gives personalised attention to the participants. He is a father trying to improve his kids. His army background and style of training helps him discipline the participants and at the same time earns their respect due to his deep knowledge and lively style. The mix of training methods, games, adventures and his post-activity brainstorming sessions make his coaching a unique experience. I highly recommend the outdoor training workshops conducted by him that can solve any and every corporate problem I can think of and that too in a fun way. His work is a great contribution to society.

Apt for All Levels

Mohit Saxena
Head Talent Acquisition

Brig Sushil had been engaged by us for a Team outbound camp for one of our vital projects. Brig Sushil has demonstrated the Qualities of a true Army Personnel in ensuring to take the challenge of delivering the program in short notice of one week and the perfection with which he delivered the program to connect with the Goal we had in mind was commendable.
He has the wonderful ability to engage the team in the program along with the disciplined timeline approach to conduct his program by making teams stretch their limits without even knowing that they have stretched beyond their imagination.
He is definitely a trainer to be recommended for any group /team offsite irrespective of the level of the employees and can handle the group with perfect ease. In all, it was a wonderful experience to spend the day with Brigadier and my whole team including my COO were appreciative of his skills.

Ajay Sawhney

Principal Secretary of Health at Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Excellent Design of Training


Brig. Sushil Bhasin brings an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm into all his projects. His design of a Training of Trainers program for Outbound training is excellent and has evoked a tremendous response. I’m sure his initiative will help several organizations include outbound training in their plans.

Sharmila Bhagwat

Director at PENTA India Technical Consultants Pvt Ltd

Insightful. Delightful.Empowering.


Brigadier Sushil Bhasin conducted a delightful team empowerment session for us yesterday. The full day session was full of fun filled activities combined with a lot of value learning. As the head of the organization, it gave me a lot of insights about capabilities of my team & which of their behavioral aspects need attention.


Lt Gen BS Jaswal, PVSM, AVSM**, VSM (Retd)
Former Army Commander, Northern Command and ARTRAC

Sushil is a genius in matters pertaining to Leadership and Management. His depth of perspective is laced with deep, incisive and focused approach that crowns him as an extrapolator who can infuse the art and spirit of turning adversity into opportunity. He can galvanize an organization to its extreme cohesiveness and optimism.


Priti Gupta
Sublime Iris L&D Initiatives

I’ve had the privilege of working with Brig Bhasin on many projects over years. He is an unconditional giver and his passion for craft and profession is something that I aspire to emulate. He not only gives 100% to his clients but also cares enough to hand hold till such time that they achieve their results.


Kim Witner

Travel Enthusiast. Baltimore, USA.

Brig Sushil Bhasin’s passion is infectious! He wants you to enjoy your life and to be successful and happy. With this genuine desire to help others in designing a life of fulfillment and enjoyment he transforms the lives of his students. Whether you are starting out in your career or looking to redesign your life, Brig Bhasin is the trainer for you.

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