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Empower Activity Camps Wins Studiocode

Empower Activity Camps Wins Studiocode
We are pleased to announce that Empower Activity Camps. India is the lucky winner of our Studiocode competition.
We are looking forward to seeing and hearing lots of Studiocode stories from the team at Empower Activity Camps over the coming year.
Here is the winning entry:
Empower Activity Camps is a Training company, with an emphasis on Experiential learning, particularly in an Outbound environment. We focus on transforming teams and use facilitation, as against training, as our modus operandi.
We customize our programmes designed to meet specific client needs.
This involves:
a. Follow Up action. A two days outdoor programme is unlikely to
change human behaviour. At best, it triggers some ideas, some intentions, and some awareness. Self-discovery needs to be reinforced by actions.
b. Measurement of Training Effectiveness. As we deal with human
behaviour, which is so subjective and abstract, it is difficult to identify
the changes that take place as also what the management needs to do to get the best out of individuals and teams.
There has been a void in what we wish to do and what we can do. We find Studiocode to be an excellent solution to fill this much-needed void. It will help us to:
a. Capture desired aspects of human behavior
b. Provide relevant data to management
c. The crisp, relevant, and ‘short’ video clips save time and
therefore are more acceptable to busy senior executives.
d. As video clips are more realistic and accurate they are more
convincing than the trainer’s advice which is certainly judgmental.
I am convinced that StudioCode is just the right product for effective

feedback for personal and team development.

12 Nov 13

It was great fun doing a three-hour tutorial on this software. It has exciting features.
Coding a video clip and using it to analyze human behaviour, tag it, prepare a matrix and convert it into a presentation can be an extremely useful HR tool.


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