BSB Training Academy - Brig Sushil Bhasin BSB Mentor Training Academy
As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Author, TTST, Online Workshops, Youth Leadership Program, Train The Super Trainer, Design Your Life
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BSB Training Academy

 “Time is a ‘Force multiplier.’ It is a lever that can generate more in less.”

— Brig Sushil Bhasin

With BSB Training Academy, Brigadier Sushil Bhasin aims at educating people about the sensitivity of time as a resource through his various time management programs. He aims at nurturing a seed of time consciousness amongst everyone who wishes to make the most of their time with a goal of creating a more productive, efficient and time conscious society. 

Brig Sushil Bhasin embarked on a journey by creating several programs that will help people from various walks of life to get a better approach to their goals by educating them about using their time better. 

Whether you’re looking for courses across topics like Time Management, Goal Setting, Online Training and Coaching, or even corporate training, BSB Academy gives the right direction to your aspirations through its various programs crafted to help you evolve into a better professional as well as a conscious human being.

BSB Training Academy Programs

Time Manager’s program (TMP)

In his Time Manager’s Program (TMP) Brig Sushil Bhasin offers timeless insights on how to identify, measure, use and invest time in ways that make life more abundant. He has also developed a wonderful system of goal setting and time management that will transform your life and amplify your income.

Discover how to effectively create more time using the 7 elements of Time Creatorship.

  1. Hourly Worth
  2. ROTI
  3. Focus Funnel
  4. Maximising Productivity
  5. Surfing the Time Wave.
  6. Compounding of Time
  7. Entrepreneurship of Time

Brig Sushil Bhasin believes that small daily improvements when done consistently over time produce stunning results. He has created this one month program with Action plans to help you as a participant make the most of time and resources invested in this journey so that you can live a truly transformed life. 

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‘Set It! Get It!’ (SIGI) Goal Setting Masterclass.

Learn to Set and Achieve your Goals.

Goal Setting is a powerful process for imagining your desired future, and for motivating yourself to turn your Vision of this future into reality. It is about being the architect of our life.

A new world order also demands a brand new approach to set your goals and revisit the roadmap that will help you to achieve them with ease. 

Only identifying objectives is not enough anymore, a very well planned strategy goes into making any dream a living reality! 

What will you learn – 

  • Deciding what you want to achieve in your life. 
  • Separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant.
  • Motivating yourself.
  • Building your self-confidence.
  • Acquiring and developing skills.

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TTOT [Train the ONLINE trainer] aims at elevating the STECC [Speakers, Trainers, Educators, Coaches, and consultants] community from the conventional stage/classroom to the virtual platform. The focus is on creating a HIVE (High Impact Virtual Engagement) bringing the level of audience vibration to as close as possible to the face-to-face engagement.

Having mastered the art of virtual presentation, TTOT goes further to enable its participants to transition into effective digital entrepreneurs. This is executed by creating a Digital Ecosystem by leveraging a step by step 4D framework and simultaneously working on Digital Mindset.

TTOT is not a course. It is fundamentally a journey. A journey covering step-by-step processes to achieve your goals encompassing the 3 ‘I’s – Influence, Impact, Income.

Offbeat methods of creating interesting webinars for a WOW effect on the audience.

  •  Discover the art of engaging the virtual audience – HIVE methodology
  • Applying your learnings through an actual implementation process
  • Closing the gap between real & virtual training
  • Enabling Digital Ecosystem through 4D Framework
  • Discovering key elements of Digital Mindset that will get you started.
  • Learn #1 secret to generating leads immediately without spending on Facebook ads.
  • Blueprint to building a meaningful community
  • Supportive hand-holding and mentoring after the Masterclass
  • Adopting Gamification techniques.

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Corporate Training programs

Brig Sushil Bhasin training experience of 49 years got him passionately involved into the business of building High Performing Teams (HPTs) through practical Leadership and effective team work. In the 15 years out of uniform, he has conducted about 600 corporate training programmes. In working with Financial, Oil, Hospitality, Automobile & IT companies like HSBC global Technologies, Mastek, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes-Benz, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., IOT, Cognizant, IBM Daksh, First Data, Collabera, Trident, Tata Green Batteries, IMFA and many other, providing training solutions and coaching in Leadership Skills, Decision making, Communication, Collaboration, Trust and other behavioral issues that come in the way of smooth and efficient operations of an organisation.  He strongly believes that he can add value to an organisation by co-creating some practical training interventions that can help move an organisation from “where it is” to “where it wishes it to be” and perhaps can push it further to “where it possibly can be.”