The "LITTLE TEAM" - Brig Sushil Bhasin
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If kids are bonded,
do parents have a choice?? 
We call this Team Bonding at the Root Level
Why does a soldier willingly walk into the battlefield endangering his life? It is an accepted fact that he does this for many reasons, the major one being the ‘izzat’ of his ‘paltan.’ Going a little deeper into the psychology of the Armed Forces we find that there is another reason. We dont bond as ‘individuals,’ the way it is done in the corporate world. In the Army, officers bond as ‘families.’ We have studied this system prevalent in the army and adapted it for a few organisations.  

Send children of
your employees as a Company Team. Tata Motors, Privi Organics, Spicer and  a few companies have sent their children as their “company group,”  or call it a “little team.” They have had outstanding results. 

In this camp, through fun and games, we make children go through experiences that make them realise the importance of “team work.” It infuses a “sense of belonging.” In the Army you will see children displaying pride in the father’s Regiment. If you see a sports event, say a hockey match going on, you will see the passionate cheering being done by children. You will see how deep rooted this feeling is.

Try this idea if u want your teams to bond well. It happens in the Armed Forces. It will happen in the Industry too.
We need minimum 25 children to customize the camp as per your needs. You can plan your duration and dates. You can even have the parents join in on the last day to have a look at what the children have done. 
We do Family Groups and
MOM KID Camps as well.
If you have an idea we
have the wherewithal to implement it
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