Women's Day - Sushil Bhasin
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Women’s Day

Women’s Day

Ever since
1911, International Women’s Day is
celebrated all over the world to celebrate the economic, political and social
achievements of women past, present and future. One day in a year is not
adequate for us to acknowledge the contribution a woman makes to mankind. Mankind
needs to recognize her efforts 365 days in a year!
Woman, a creator of man, is more than what she is known for. The modern
world has seen a lot of change in the attitude of both men and woman towards
the status of a woman in society. There is a paradigm shift in the attitude of
men and women towards equality and emancipation. From Laxmi Bai to Sarojini
Naidu, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi and the flooding of boardrooms
with the likes of Chanda Kocchar, women have rightfully found their true place
in society. While we have come a long way we have still a long way to go to
give the woman a safe and free environment.
Some random thoughts on the subject
A woman who can go through labour pains can go
through anything (tough) in life
Men need to have a respect for a woman and give
her her due.
Women need to cultivate ‘self belief’ and enhance
their self-esteem. The ‘bechari’ attitude needs to be forgotten.
It all starts at home. Respect your women at
home. They will get the confidence to face the world.
A home maker does a lot of dedicated hard work.
Can you imagine how much would a manager charge for doing what a home maker
does – cleaning, laundry, kitchen, bring up children, help children with home
work, manage the house, manage finances etc etc etc – the list is long. Yet most
men think if a woman does not work in an office, she does not work.
Who is a manager ? see http://goo.gl/oZnbw
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