Testimonials - Brig Sushil Bhasin
As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Author, TTST, Online Workshops, Youth Leadership Program, Train The Super Trainer, Design Your Life
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Navdeep Sarangal (Mumbai) 
02 Jul, 2013 01:21 AM
I had attended 2 camps with Brig. Bhasin, and believe me these were the most amazing experience of my life. Luckily i went to these camps from my college as a part of curriculum during my MBA(Symbiosis Pune) at that it help me to cope the pressure of acads n all. but the learning i had from there are still helping me in my corporate job too. need not to say after these camps i look at Brig. Bhasin as a mentor guide n friend who still help me put with his wisdom and experience. all d best sir.

Tom HeckRe-order
President and Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

As the President & Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators I lead a community of outstanding people from around the world. We have several thousand members but only a handful standout as true leaders in our community and Sushil Bhasin is one of our leaders. Sushil joined our community in 2010 and promptly enrolled in the IATF “Leader As Coach Fast Track Program”, an intensive 7-week leadership development program engaging professionals on four continents. Even in this select group of professionals Sushil stood out as a leader. He attended every class and I could always count on him to be fully engaged. He supported his classmates and encouraged all to be there best. Sushil led by example and completed the course with the highest of marks. Sushil continues to be a leader in our community and I am thankful for his friendship and, more importantly, to support the amazing work he does in the world.
Michael CardusRe-order
Organization Development, Team Building and Managerial-Leadership Expert

Sushil is the rare person who is able to complete challenging tasks, coordinate multiple projects, deliver results that are expected – and still show deep respect and caring for everyone involved.
I was partnered with Sushil in a Leaders and Coach program. Together we developed business plans, team development workshops, and supported each other as our businesses grew. He was always willing to listen and offer support plus wisdom needed to make me find my talents and be a better consultant. 

Sushil makes teams better. 

Parul ParmarRe-order
HR VNR Seeds

Brig Sushil is a change agent. That’s what he was for our organisation. The outbound training that he conducted was the best I have ever experienced or heard about. I found him quite different from other trainers… He does lot of detailing before the training, he gives personalized attention to the participants, he acts like a father trying to improve his kids. His army background & style of training also helps discipline the participants at the same earning high respect due to his in-depth knowledge and style. The mix of training methods, games,adventures and the post activity brainstorming sessions makes it a unique training experience. I highly recommend the outdoor training workshops conducted by him that can solve any and every corporate problem that I can think of…and that too in fun-filled way. This training is applicable to one and all types of groups….family, friends, colleagues, students etc. He has a solution for all. A Must try! Hats off to him to make this venture so unique, innovative and for this great contribution to the society.
Manish KohliRe-order
Vice President at Tata Business Support Services

I have known Brigadier Bhasin for over 6 months now while attending his workshop at Bekal few months back. Gentleman as he is and remarkably articulate with words and inspiring errant people like me to fall in line through self examples and task.

Brigadier Bhasin vast experience in managing people, kids (school stint at Bareilly) makes him a perfect host to manage corporate workshops dealing with ambiguity, change and bringing diverse backgrounds together.

Very humble, down to earth and person to trust wish Brigadier Bhasin well and all success.

Thank you for being there with great stories

Mohit SaxenaRe-order
Business HR Head at Sterlite Grid Limited

Brig Sushil had been engaged by us for a Team outbound camp for one of our Vital projects. Brig Sushil has demonstrated the Qualities of a true Amry Personnel in ensuring to tak the challenge of delivering the program in short notice of one week and the perfection with which he delivered the program to connect with the Goal we had in mind was commendable.

He has the wonderful ability to engage the team in the program along with the disciplined timeline approach to conduct his program by making teams stretch their limits without even knowing that they have strecthed beyond their imagination.

He is definitely a trainer to be recommended for any group /team offsite irrespective of the level of the employees and can handle the group with perfect ease .In all it was a wonderful experience to spend the day with Brigadier and my whole team including my COO were appreciative of his skills

Badari AmbattiRe-order
Adventure & Team Building Programs Director at New York City Outward Bound

I am so glad I cross roads with Brig Sushil in New York City. Our travel to upstate New York earned my admiration and respect for Brig Sushil. His life time contributions to our Country and continued work as Chairman & Managing Director at Empower is simply amazing. The kind of commitment, enthusiasm and energy he brings in what ever he does is simply contagious. He is true charismatic leader who can inspire and bring transformation of goodness in anyone. I wish him the best with all his endeavors. Many Many Cheers to Brig Sushil.

Keyur KapadiaRe-order
Operations Manager, Fulfillment Operations at Altisource

Sushil is a vibrant personality who brings in energy and positive thoughts in the environment. It’s always pleasure to work with him. He has a natural coaching style in leading people more out of his authority and wisdom than by his experience. He is super talented with an energetic mind filled with so many ideas and thought provoking views and visions that amazes me. The best thing I like about him is the perseverance and the courage to take up every challenge with a smile, and bringing all his vision to reality. His words, philosophies, life techniques sure simplify a lot of complexities in life making him an asset to the training fraternity

Kriti GuptaRe-order
Student at Symbiosis Institute Of Telecom Management

empower camp is one of the best phase of my life till now. I met brig sushil Bhasin there. He is enthusiastic and being an army man , he has all the qualities like honesty, disciplined, etc. He made us (students) also very disciplined within 1st 2 days of our camp . we used to reach at time for all the activities. He is a great motivator and team builder. I saw how he used to motivate people who were not able to do a particular task or were afraid of doing so but with his motivation, those students completed the task. It was a great thing for me to meet someone like him who can so easily incorporate values like TEAM BUILDING, MOTIVATION, LEADERSHIP,etc in such a short span of time.
lessons learnt under him will never be forgotten by me. 

Thank you sir for teaching us in a way we can understand

Prakash SomaniRe-order
Finance Manager at BBC Worldwide Media Pvt Ltd

A person who has empowered in such a way that it impact last long if we follow the principles tought us perfactly. Empower camp a great place to energise yoruself from the busy office life 🙂

Col IP SinghRe-order
CEO at Midas Trainers & Consultants

I was initiated into outbound training by Brig Sushil Bhasin and consider him my guru. His passion for training has no bounds. A thorough gentleman who is a very dedicated and tireless trainer and facilitator. Another great quality he has is , his willingness to try out and implement new ideas and concepts. He has conceptualized and built the Empower Camp from scratch into a wonderful institution and i wish him all the best.

Arun ChitlangiaRe-order
Chair Person – Mumbai Chapter at Indian Society for Training & Development

We first hired Sushil to conduct an Outbound Training Program for ISTD. Thereafter, we met at various levels and we invited him as a Guest Speaker at Association of Trainers.

During such interaction, I found him to be a humble human being, focused, rational, positive, energetic, tech savvy, soft spoken and humourous.

He is very active on Facebook and the response he gets from the participants and the pictures speak for themselves.

I look forward to work with him, hire him and I want him to take more active interest in ASSOCIATION OF TRAINERS 

Rabiullah ShaikhRe-order
Manager – HR

It gives me immense pleasure to write about Brig. Sushil and his outbound activity camp. He is an excellent leader and helps other to be the same in their professional career through the outbound activities. I have attended Train The Outbound Trainer( TTOT), which helped me to understand the basics of training and facilitating any training activity. The best sentence used by Brig. is “we will have lot of fun, during fun if you learn anything than he shouldn’t be blamed for it”. Truly amazing to learn from him. Thanks for your support & wishing Empower an excellent career ahead
Madhu AnandRe-order
HR Luminous

I can’t forget the training I had by Mr. Bhasin which was on Team Building,which has actually introduced me with myself,Today at least I know what strengths I have & What I want to do.Thanks To u sir. 

Nitasha JainRe-order
Chief Marketing Officer at myHealthmeter
Management teaching through superlative games. That was Empower Camp for all of us.
True management skills learning experience with the entire Empower team pumping our adrenaline to do our best.
Set in blissful arena of Kolad, a thorough go through of team work, time management, realize ones own limits, conflict resolving, leadership and management skills with a hoard of fun & zeal to excel.

Highly recommend Brig’s “Empower Camp” for students of all age groups.
All you teacher out there, get your students closer to this new world schooling

Anand MehtaRe-order
Entrepreneur and Corporate Facilitative Trainer
Brig. Sushil Bhasin is the one such person whom one can never forget just by meeting him once.

His thoughts, willingness to contribute, positive attitude, proactive nature, creative ideas, professional approach, ability to multitask and most important down to earth attitude even after lots of awards and achievements makes him the most special person.

He is an amazing trainer, motivator, mentor and creator of wealth. The passion within him makes him the best in which ever field he selects. Looking forward to many more interactions and work together 

Christine PathamRe-order
Human Response Developer 

I have known Brig Sushil Bhasin for the past 5 years. Seen Empower Activity Camps grow from scratch and in a very short time achieve heights that I have not seen in many other well established Training Organisations. Besides being a wonderful human being he has one quality which I have always found amazing, his openness and willingness to share his training and business methods. This makes him the ideal “Guru” as described in the Bhagwatgita
Harshal BhimaniRe-order
Partner at Mayur Exim

I have been in touch with Brig Sushil SIR at various points. I have also been a part of his training initiative at Empower Camp. I have always admired his thirst for excellence. His inter-personal skills bring out the best in people around him and its really amazing to see what heights his company has reached under his guidance and expertise.
keep up the great work Sir!
Keyur KapadiaRe-order
Operations Manager, Fulfillment Operations at Altisource

Sushil is an asset to Trainer’s fraternity. A great team player, he is sincere and dedicated to his work. He is meticulous in his approach and pays attention to detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. His varied skill sets and problem solving approach make him an invaluable asset. I wish him well in his current and future endeavors. One of the best trainers in the industry who believe that KNOWLEDGE increases from passing to one and another

Abhijeet SadhuRe-order
Product Manager at Gabriel India Limited

Brigadier shown us the actual happening of unfolding knowingly. I along with my entire team relished the three days at his camp and learnt a lot and still applying the learnings into life. Personally I am a much changed person after we had two sessions with him and his highly professional and pleasant team.

Hi Mr. Bhasin,
Thank you for the below note and your refreshing approach.
I have personally liked the time spent at your resort and the relevant learnings from our activities.
I would like to keep in touch with you and would like to anoint you as a mentor in my life.
Pls let me know your thoughts.
Karan Varma
Asst. Vice President
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
7 May 2014

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