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As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
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Focus on Teams

Focus on Teams


We talk about Team Building but reward individuals. Can we focus on team performance and identify and ack the contribution of those who sacrifice pers achievements for the overall good of the team ?n today’s business houses leaders have realised both the importance and relevance of building teams. This aspect has been in focus in organisations world wide. While there is emphasis on training and building teams, and we talk a lot about it, there is little we ‘do’ about it.

After a successful team building programme, companies generally measure individual more than team performances. So is the case with recognitions and awards. Salesman of the month etc are the generally seen awards. In most annual sales conferences, the awards I have generally seen are individual focussed. At the best we have some team awards based on the sum total of individual performance. An Area or a region gets an award based on the sum total of the performance in each territory. Is that a ‘team’ performance in the real sense?

It is high time we look at team performance where the focus shifts from individual performance to team performance, implying that the stronger members help and support the weaker members to enhance overall performance of the team. Also, individual strengths in diverse functions are utilised in the best manner to improve team performance. How can we identify and acknowledge the contribution of those who sacrifice personal achievements for the overall good of the team ?

I will like to have views on this please

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