"Who am I"? - Brig Sushil Bhasin
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“Who am I”?

“Who am I”?

 A question that has intrigued people across time and space, a
question that has probably, got more books on spirituality written than any
other topic ever before and yet the quest continues… Lets talk of the human mind. I have taken this from my guru and mentor, Dr Yuvraj Kapadia, who has summarised it so well. 

It was time to introspect, time to reflect and to examine from which
paradigm of awareness are we going through this whole story and then could
realize that you are something more than this body and you are definitely much
more than you MIND, your consciousness, your awareness. And from several
philosophical perspectives you are divine which automatically means that you
are complete. And yet across time and space across cycles of life and death you
are caught up in this in-explicable web of voids, of in completion constantly
trying to discover your completion. See how absurd it sounds. So here is
completion trying to discover its own completion, how bizarre can that get, and
why is the game structured in this format? Simply because this is a game being
played by your awareness! I can give you several models to this. 
So let’s look at a person who is sitting and working on a
computer system. First question, is the person the actual computer, the
hardware? The answer is no. The computer is the hardware that the person is
utilizing to execute a certain task to make life and existence easy. Your body
is like that computer. Are you the body? The answer is no. The body is a tool
given to you for executing a certain task. This brings me to the next question,
you maybe hardware professional and you may identify with the hardware of the
computer system, does that make you the hardware? No, you are the specialist
who understands the hardware, you are not the hardware. Similarly, you are not
the body, you maybe the specialist who understands the body and then on the
other hand, there are the software professionals, and see the MIND as the
operating software which again, are you the software? Again the answer is no,
you are not the software, it is simply a program that is given to operate the
hardware. Similarly the MIND is a program that is given to you to understand
the functioning of the hardware. The MIND operates the body in a dynamic
interaction, which is exactly what happens between the software program of the
computer and the hardware. The question is “Are you the hardware?” The answer
is “NO”. You are the individual sitting outside and operating the hardware to
get a certain desired and favourable result. That self is your consciousness.
So the consciousness decides how you utilize your software and
hardware to understand and enjoy this entire game of life that you are playing. 

The question now becomes, this awareness of yours that is
flipping between three states constantly, so at some point of time your
awareness gets into the body and you start believing that you are the body.
This is the time when the predominant thoughts in your software are completely
related to your money to food, to sex and all those things that keep your
physical body going and then of course at different times your awareness moves
from the body to the MIND and that is the time you start questioning your
emotions, your feelings, your dramas. The introspector within you becomes
awake, sometimes. That is when the awareness is going into the drama of your
MIND. Are you the drama? The answer is “NO”. At that point of time your
awareness is in the drama. Then there are moments when you are outside the body,
you are outside the MIND and you are complete. When you are only watching like
an observer the drama that is being played out between your MIND and your body.
This self is the complete self. So, when you are operating out of the complete
self you are able to observe whatever is happening in your MIND and your body
very dispassionately. 

There is a very simple exercise that tells you where your
awareness is at any given point of time. This is a very popular parable that
the Buddha has quoted. So, in one of his meetings with his disciples, the
Buddha mentioned that there are four types of horses in this world. 

There are horses where even if you whip the horse it keeps
standing where ever it is. In fact the more you whip the horse the more the
horse becomes resistant and doesn’t move at all, till probably the horse breaks

The second category of horses are those who when they get
whipped move forward. But they still need the whip. They need it on themselves
to be able to move forward in life. 

The third categories of horses are those who merely hear the
crack of the whip and decide to move forward.The last category is the ones who see the shadow of the whip and
moves forward on its own.
What kind of horse are you? This is telling you where your awareness is in life. So if you
are horse in the first category, then your awareness is completely in the body.
You are stubborn and you will not move till your body breaks down. And when
your body breaks down you will then perhaps try to get it rectified but will
continue to remain in the same game. 
If you are in the next category of horses, where the whip
has to hit you for you to move, the awareness has partially moved to the MIND
where pain becomes the propagator of growth in life. So when ever you feel
pain, you start questioning and saying why am I going through this pain and
then you start looking for answers and then maybe you will move your butt
forward a little bit in life but you still need the whip. The awareness has
moved a little bit from the body to the MIND. 
If you are in the third category, which means the crack of the
whip makes you move, the awareness is moving beyond the MIND but is still
partially in it. Which means that part of you which is aware of what’s
happening in the environment is able to get the first pangs of pain and say, oh
this is not my story and you make a shift. Of course, if the awareness is completely in the self, which is
complete, the shadow of the whip is good enough for you. Because you are
neither in the body nor in the MIND, the self is just deciding to move on a
cycle of completion. From one complete state to another complete state.

Courtesy – Dr Yuvraj Kapadia  

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