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As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.
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I am the second best trainer in India

once said, ‘For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn
by doing them
.’ Little did he know that his wisecrack will stem into an
entirely new school of thought called Experiential Learning.
Kolb, called the father of Experiential Learning popularized the idea across
the world and Life Skills trainer and facilitator Brigadier Sushil Bhasin is
trying to further spread the word in India.   
proudly calls himself the second best trainer in the country. Why would someone
call himself second? “Because, every other trainer claims to be the Number One
trainer in India,” the 59-year-old quips as he sits comfortably in his
home-cum-office with a pair of crox on his feet and a neat pair of formals at
10 in the night.
Bhasin has trained more than 3000 executives, at all levels, from over 500
corporate houses in the last five years, an achievement in itself, since he
retired from the army. He extends his vision of practical education through
‘Empower Activity Camps’, an outbound training and adventure resort in Kolad,
about a 100 kms from Mumbai’s circumference.       
do not share our knowledge with people around us, especially our colleagues.
This is the main problem in India,” Sushil says as he tries to explain the
scenario in corporates. No amount of PowerPoint presentations and lecture-hall
strategies can help. “Adults refuse to learn by listening. They have been
listening to people since their childhood. First parents, then it were teachers
and later on their wives or husbands. The only way to teach them something is
self-realization and this is where Experiential Learning comes into picture.”
no success stories are devoid of a small-town angle. Bhasin has been brought up
in Shimla and has resided all around the country like army men do. While, in 34
years of his service, Bhasin has served in Army Training Command and in Army
Service Corps Centre and
College. He was also Chairman of Army School Bareilly. This is where he discovered
his passion for education and children. When he took voluntary retirement from
the armed forces, as an easily humbled man Bhasin decided to open a school.
Just to be able to put it on his resume he did his B-Ed at 52.
went around studying the educational scenario in the country. In one of his
trips to Mumbai he met the principal of Dhirubhai Ambani High School, Mrs.
Naronah. “She asked me if I know something about Emotional Intelligence and I
said no. She recommended me a book by Daniel Goleman. I finished reading half
the book by the time I reached Delhi the next day and somewhere in that book I
learnt about Life Skills,” Bhasin said.
is then that he realized how important it is for children to learn about Life
Skills over and above their academics. According to Bhasin, the child today is
hounded by peer-pressure, parents-pressure, school-pressure and everyone is
shouting MARKS, MARKS, and MARKS! Most who score well turn selfish and are only
interested in their marks, while, someone with mediocre marks is more willing
to help others.
people, who get academically good scores, may well be self-centered. And, when
you develop such a personality trait and then land-up in a corporate
environment with your self-centered attitude you are not accepted, because, you
are not a good TEAM-PLAYER. I decided I will get children to my camp and teach
them life skills. I decided that I will add icing to the cake. Let the schools
make the cake. I will add the icing,” Bhasin said.    
schools in the country were not so co-operative when Bhasin went to them with
his module. “They were very particular about their syllabus,” Bhasin explains
as he expresses his disappointment. Companies’ recruitment requirements have
changed overtime but schools and colleges curriculum has not had commensurate
changes.  Organizations now don’t only want high scores;
they are more willing to recruit those with good decision-making and
problem-solving skills. They want team-players.
20 years of education and no life skills later corporates have now realized the
state of their employees and are willing to spend lakhs for their
rehabilitation of sorts. Empower Activity Camp is now hounded by every big
company and not a weekend goes without a training session. Their USP being
‘customized programs’. Bhasin has made sure that they follow a rigorous pre and
post agenda. Once a corporation contacts them, a study is conducted on
company’s requirements and after the outdoor and indoor sessions a
post-training examination is done over several months.
believes nothing can teach you like the outdoors. While most of the activities
are adopted from international programs, several games have been personally
developed by the Brigadier.
asked where he plans to see himself and his training centre a few years down
the line, Bhasin smiles and says he is reveled by his repeat customers and
feedback. “These are my only yardsticks. I aim to be a good trainer and
facilitator in the profession and reach out and help as many people as I can,”
he said.
a lot of youngsters at shame, Bhasin is also using technology at its best.
Empower is planning to start all its communication through video mails. He is
using a cutting-edge video communication product. “I don’t want my website to look
like everyone else’s. It will all be highly-concise video content,” he said.
is soon going to the US to study their training programs and bring some ideas
to India. A man with no complaints is only saddened by the schools as while his
camp is full with corporates, principals, parents and teachers trainings not
many schools are taking interest. “Most of them do not believe in processed
adventure which involves learning from the activity,” he ends with a nod on his
face, which even at 59, elates with exuberance if a child. No wonder he thinks
and wants to do so much for the children in the country.
written by a journalist in 2010
Good to be reminded/ The Author of this write up on me is Disha Thakkar
Thanks Disha for a good write up

  • Disha
    Posted at 10:31h, 05 December Reply

    hey… my write-up na?

  • Sushil Bhasin
    Posted at 11:22h, 05 December Reply

    I am happy to identify the Journalist who wrote this — Disha Thakkar.

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