Brig Sushil Bhasin | Why can only fast and consistent win the Race ?
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Why can only fast and consistent win the Race ?

Why can only fast and consistent win the Race ?

The tortoises win only in fairytales. In life, they lose to smart hares who have speed on their side 
Slow and steady wins the race.


It is the fast and consistent who win.

A boy was running to Agra. Enroute, as he passed a saint under a tree, he paused. 

“How much time will it take me to reach Agra?”
The saint remained silent. 
The boy asked again.
The saint kept mum.
The boy, now impatient, asked yet again.
The saint did not utter a word.
The boy gave up and resumed his running.  
“You will take 45 minutes to an hour,” the saint said.
The boy was taken aback. “Why wouldn’t you say that the first time I asked you?” he asked.
“Because,” said the saint, “you were expecting me to judge the time while you stood still. I have to how fast you run to know how long it will take you. If you keep standing and throwing questions at me, you will never reach Agra,” replied the saint. 

As in running, so in life, where you will reach, your achievements, depends on the direction. When you reach, depends on the speed at which you undertake your journey.

Speed is a force multiplier. It gives you better, faster results with the same resources. Speed sets the stage for success. Today, there is no success without speed. And speed includes speed of thought, speed of action and speed of adjusting to changes.
Here are some good reasons to add speed to your success mix:
Time is finite.  A day is 86400 seconds, and we cannot add even a second more to this number. Making the most of these seconds is the key to success. Speed helps you make the most of this limited resource.

Time is an equitably distributed resource.
 We can complain to God about how he made some rich and others poor. Some he made tall, others short. There are those who are good looking and others who are plain looking. But God gave everyone the same 86400 seconds. If you can do the same things faster, you can beat people with more resources in the game of life. 
Time rules competition. Be faster than your competition and you can beat them every time. The art of speed is the art of doing most in the least time. 
Time defines Success.  Speed of thought followed by speed of action determines success like few things do. 
Time is money. Those who do more earn more. Those who do more in less time have more time. More time, in turn, gives you space to do even more and thus earn more. Time is money and speed is the great money multiplier. 
The world is getting increasingly competitive. It was always true that the big eat the small. Today, it is equally true that  the fast eat the slow.
We are at the beginning of the year. Have you set your goals? If you have, please build in the time check. If not, ensure you validate the time required with the time available. 
Be fast. 
Overtake your competition  

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    Posted at 06:27h, 17 January Reply

    Excellent article a must read to be quick and precise and be a winner at the end of the day !

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