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TTST – a concept !

TTST – a concept !

The idea of TTST dawned on me, when, in a conversation with a few international trainers at Tony Robbin’s workshop in Singapore, I realized we can certainly have more Speaker-Trainer icons in India. Harnessing my 45 years varied and rich training experience I took it on myself to help and support the trainer fraternity to upscale themselves and make a successful training career / business.

TTST is not a programme. It’s a mission.

Mission TTST.

  • To create and develop minimum 5 Nationally acclaimed trainers by 31 Dec 2021
  • To help all trainers elevate to the next step and build a successful and sustainable business.


What is TTST? Let me explain how TTST is different from TTST. In a typical TTT one learns the science of delivery. (public speaking, communication skills, presentation skills etc)

In #TTST you experience the art  of conceiving. In other words if TTT is the hardware, TTST is the software.
The process began with a FREE workshop in Mumbai on 19 Jun 2016 where I declared this mission. In this full day workshop, I focused on two specific areas
  • A trainer will need to update an upscale himself to meet the needs of the emerging learning environment. Ordinary trainers will not succeed. Only Super trainers will.
  • How training can be made a full fledged, financially successful and stable business and career.


We had 17 parrticipants who joined in a programme called Super 9. It covered the training programme in 9 sessions. Other than a 2 days Outbound session, others were all one day sessions in a hotel in Mumbai. The entire programme was structured to meet the needs of these aspiring trainers. It essentially covered subjects to include

  • Back to Basics
  • Why Trainers Fail
  • Training entrepreneurship
  • Integrated w-holistic training
  • Experiential learning in indoors as well as outdoor environment
  • Role of Social Media in Training as well as media etc.
  • Outbound Training. This was the highlight of the programme in which unimaginable self discovery break-throughs occurred.
I consider TTST to be an interesting and exciting experiment. We had fantastic breakthroughs and results. My personal involvement and regular interaction with the participant group and my team through a WhatsApp Group, individual attention to each participant and one-on-one coaching sessions personalized the experience. The group has bonded extremely well and have achieved a high level of camaraderie. The team is already supporting each other in training as well as business. It gave me tremendous satisfaction as all 17 participants acknowledged that this experience elevated them to a much higher level. I saw some major successes in individual’s cases and all participants have stepped up in their professional and personal statures, in varying degrees.

More than training we were in a facilitation mode. The participants came prepared for a session, participated and learned from the environment in the room and not from the trainer alone. In the end we talked of the next session. An assignment was given so that they come prepared for the next session. There were gaps of one to three weeks for them to assimilate, revise, apply the knowledge in their real world situations, come in the next session, share what they experienced. One lesson we learned loud and clear. We designed a programme in a way that the participants came prepared for a session as sessions were conduct interactive. This, somehow, did not happen. We realized that the stark reality of today’s environment is that people are really hard pressed for time. On a Monday morning they get so trapped in their routine personal and professional life that ‘self’ takes a back seat, whether it is one’s health, self development or mental, emotional and spiritual growth. We will now experiment with a 5 days Intensive residential bootcamp and apply the learnings in that environment.There were several breakthroughs. A few acknowledged that they discovered their niche. A few saw the light of marketing and open workshops only in the end. One on one sessions were intense and powerful. A few realised the value of mentoring and coaching and have asked me to coach them. Of all these one case is classic and needs a s
What do participants say?


An emotion expressed by Kiran Padhi

What a journey it was at #TTST.. The last 2.5 months have been a truly amazing, awesome, fantastic and a thought provoking experience.
I am glad that I saw that watsapp message on L&D Mumbai group to attendSushil Bhasin Sir’s free seminar on #TTST and took a decision to enroll for the program thereafter. This journey with the 17 #supertrainers has changed my belief system when I did things I never imagined I would ever do, it was one of a self discovery loaded with lot of learning.
Truly inspired by Sir’s #giving nature which helped us learn and come out of our dormancy.
THANK YOU sir for your mentoring, hand holding. You have a lifetime fan for you 😇.
And to my bestest #TTST team.. Love You guys..
#TTST #supertrainer team – If you have to describe your experience of this journey in just 3 words what would those be? Write in your comments

17 students – all unanimously said that the programme benefitted them a lot

What did they take away?

TTST Session 9 Learnings:

  1. Creation of a support system is very important for the growth and development of self and others. This is because when we will support others to grow and develop, only then will the training fraternity become strong and we as Training professionals will progress.
  2. Grabbing the opportunity is very important. Unless and until we grab an opportunity and make effective use of it, how will we progress.
  3. Social media is magical. It’s more than just sharing pictures, quotes, videos, etc. Social media is the most effective and important tool for success in business.
  4. It’s very important for a trainer to be creative and innovative. New ideas of training and new ways of training should be made. For this it’s necessary that we trainers keep on learning and sharing.
  5. Let go your fear. Fear is that element which becomes the greatest hurdle in your success. Sometimes fear haunts you when you are just about to take the leap. So let go your fear.
  6. Never be satisfied with whatever you achieve. Yes celebrate by don’t be satisfied. When this satisfaction comes this means your growth and progress stops.
  7. Have confidence in your work. This will add value to your work and you as a trainer.
  8. Don’t bluff. It’s ok to say no if you don’t know a particular thing rather than bluffing. This will reduce your value as a trainer.
  9. Find out well in advance about your audience and what they need.
  10. Always be ready to present on the spot. Because it’s not necessary that you will get time to prepare.
  11. Learn team selection skills. It’s obvious that whatever tasks you undertake there will be people associated with you who will form your team. This team needs to be selected properly.
  12. Your product should be lazer focused.
  13. There are many problems that your client will have. Instead of solving each and every problem, give just one solution for everything.

…this is what THEY said. Isn’t it heartening?

Isn’t it a reason for me to be on the top of the world?

  • Dipika Shivnani
    Posted at 22:56h, 23 April Reply

    I liked it too much. I agree to the things mentioned like yes we are always running short of time for the ‘self ‘ and we need to prioritise our needs than wants. A learner should never be satisfied. And I am going to follow this.

    • sushilbhasin
      Posted at 00:19h, 30 April Reply

      Thanks Dipika.
      I am happy you liked it

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