Brig Sushil Bhasin | Training Industry – a peep into the future
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Training Industry – a peep into the future

Training Industry – a peep into the future

The training industry is one of the fastest growing industries both globally as well as in India. Not many of us can foresee and assess the huge potential it has.

Available indications clearly point out to a heartening trend in the increased spending in training. Despite recent estimates of “slowed” economic growth, India’s growth continues to overtake that of most developed countries. India, with its huge population, is the most exciting higher education market in the world. Estimated at $600 billion, it is now thriving on the back of the workforce proving itself equal to its counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Will we be able to effectively train our youth to cope up with the expected future economic expansion? The answer looks like YES but also throws in formidable challenges. Do we have trainers and training infrastructure to meet such challenges???

A peep into the future points out to some good and bad news.

Good News

a. It is estimated that India’s economy will generate about 500 million jobs in the next decade. Of these 75% will be skill based.
b. The workforce in India, with vocational education, is a bare 2 to 4% of the ‘trained’ workforce.
c. The huge gap between the ‘existing supply’ and ‘projected demand’ will pose a formidable challenge in the years to come.
d. The Government has realized this fact and set up a National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) to face this challenge.
e. This will open up new avenues and training opportunities for trainers and L&D practitioners.

Bad News

a. Old style, conventional modules with power point presentations in classroom environment are slowly becoming obsolete.
b. Learning environment is fast changing.
c. Today the learner has quick access to relevant information and data. Trainers will have to outpace the learner and readily provide what he wants, when he wants, where he wants and not how the trainer decides to deliver. The learner of today wants to learn ‘on the go’ off his handset. He wants small bytes and not long modules. 
d. The trainer of tomorrow will have to be skilled and equipped with the latest emerging trends in technology. He will need to integrate that with psycho-metrics, various pedagogues and meet the ever growing and changing demands of the learner and learning organisations.

The training industry, with its good and bad news, is apt for the trainer who can peep into the future, envision the emerging learning environment and prepare him/herself for it.

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