Brig Sushil Bhasin | Micro moments
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Micro moments

Micro moments

technology is transforming the way we learn. We don’t ask teachers and parents
or even reach out to a laptop to find an answer to a question.
Ab, duniya meri muthi mein hai
The world is
in my pocket, in my mobile phone. Knowledge and information is available to me
in a jiffy, at ease.
Mobile, be
it a smartphone or a tablet is ubiquitous. It is generally used to stay connected
on phone or interact, to play games or learn something new. It is slowly
finding its way into professional use. The trainers must have their antenna on.

Technology is transforming the way we learn.  It can be effectively used to broaden the
reach and bring overall efficiency in the learning process.

In the
workshop ( ) I will be addressing emerging trends that will prepare a trainer for
the future. That’s how you will have a competitive edge over conventional
trainers who will work hard and you will work smart.

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