Brig Sushil Bhasin | Is Goal Setting Easy?
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Is Goal Setting Easy?

Is Goal Setting Easy?

Goal Setting is the most commonly talked about and the most rarely
practiced process. Is it easy? If its is, then why don’t all of us get to set and
achieve goals? If its is not, can we learn to make it easy ?
We all know all about Setting Goals and the need for it. Yet, we either  do nothing about it or much lesser than
what we know.
As per Wikipedia, ‘Goal
setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and
guide a person or group toward a goal. Goal setting can be guided by
goal-setting criteria (or rules) such as SMART criteria. Goal setting is a
major component of personal-development and management literature.’

Simply put, it is an Action Plan. Its more than a wish, a
dream or a desire, though the first step is very much to dream. To visualise.
Once your dream is clear, dont stop dreaming. Its time for ‘Action. To
get into action, give it all your Attention, Focus and Energy.
Break your dream (converted into a goal) into smaller bits. Call them
steps or chunks or milestones. Give each one of them a time line. Now focus on every step. Achieve one step
and move to the next.
Goal Setting is a process. It involves a high degree of commitment.
Visualise the benefits when you achieve that step. Create an incentive for
yourself. And then, its a matter of drive, grit and determination.
Its a major component of ‘personal
development.’ So the first step
is are you ‘crazy’ about
being happier? being more successful? achieving higher goals? being excited
about achievements ? If not, then the process will not work for you. Before
setting goals, its necessary to get to the WHY. Why do I want to achieve
what I want to achieve? What happens if i don’t?
Once that is clear, the chances of your achieving goals are higher.
Before setting down to a Goal Setting exercise, its
important to do some thinking. Thinking on ‘paper.’  Write down your
dream. Draw it. Visualise it. Act it (See ‘Success
by Jack Canfield, Chapter 12. pp 90.)
Once you are clear on that, its time for ACTION. Massive
. In the process dont fear failures. FAIL means differently to different
people. It could be “First Attempt in
“Found Another Interesting Lesson,” or
even “Flawlessly Ascending in Life.”  I liked Brian
Tracy’s idea, “If
you want to succeed, double your failure rate.”
failure with a smile, add energy to it and move forward.

Something that can really fuel the energy required in
achieving goals is a tonic called commitment.  No short cut
here. If you visualise your goal, have your action plan worked out and then set
about achieving it, nothing can stop you. This is easier said than done. We
have a real enemy in us and that is our ‘comfort
It pulls us back. To get out of it, if your self driven
passion and commitment are not sufficient, share your goal and commitment with
a buddy and better still appoint a coach who will remind, guide and work on the
action plan with you. That is the most effective way of achieving results.
Make achieving stretched Goals a habit.

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