Brig Sushil Bhasin | Integrated W-holistic training (IWT)
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Integrated W-holistic training (IWT)

Integrated W-holistic training (IWT)

is a continuous, evolving process which helps move learners from where they are
to where they want to (or can) be. To make this transformation one can use
various methods (pedagogies). Also see
11 years of experience as an ‘experiential facilitator’ dedicated to
‘transforming teams and individuals,’ my focus has been on achieving the
‘Desired Outcomes.’ To do that I have been a strong believer of using the
‘Experiential Learning’ platform in an outbound environment. Over the years I
realised that all methods have their inherent shortcomings. I therefore evolved
my own unique concept chose to call it ‘Integrated W-holistic Training.’  

experienced over 500 corporate training programmes at all levels of management,
including some very senior manager teams (CXOs, Sr VPs and VPs / GMs) and
having carried out more than 200 programmes for students / teachers of schools
and colleges, I came to a conclusion that no ‘one’ method of learning may be
good enough. I experimented with various combinations, depending on the
requirement of the client and the target group.
achieve the “Desired Outcomes,” I have experimented with combining various
tools in its ‘Development Process.’  The
program design is customised with a mix and match of what will work best in a
particular requirement. IWT encompasses the following.

Interactive Sessions. Activity based sessions to re cap
essential theories / concepts related to the subject.
Psychometrics Instruments. Personality Profiling
using psychometric instruments. Although I have used MBTI, Firo B, PF16, MAP
etc, I use “Extended Disc” extensively with excellent results. The profile is
matched with the behaviour observed in the field.
Facilitation Processes. These processes pass the
power of learning to the learner and ignites a desire for them to learn. They
also get a feel that they will get what they want and learning lessons arenot
just thrust on them.
Video Analysis A tool is available to
have evidence based video analysis of behavioral observations.
Stories. All learners, irrespective
of age, love stories. Relevant real-life stories or those based on fiction,
inducted at the right time, enhance the learning process.
Follow Up Process leading to achieving the Desired Outcomes.’

This integrated w-holistic (IWT) method of training has produced
excellent results. Just the right things are knitted into a comprehensive program
to achieve “Organisational Goals in Training” and maximise ROI in minimal time. The performance levels are also noticeably high from day-one
which makes it an unparalleled combination of goodies.
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