Brig Sushil Bhasin | important thing which i learnt is positive thinking..
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important thing which i learnt is positive thinking..

important thing which i learnt is positive thinking..

Respected Sushil Sir

!It was greatest and thee BEST camp i feel till now from what i have attended. It was a very good experience being there. First when i was told to go and attend, i felt what to go n attend these workshop but now i regret to even feel like that..Sir You have changed my life. You made us really awake from our sleeps. The biggest and the most important thing which i would always keep in mind or can say take Away is that how we knowingly or unknowingly violate action and rules which we teach to our children at home or school or society and thats the reason why we loose respect from the child when he grows up And another important thing which i learnt is positive thinking, we should never give up thinking that the given task is difficult, and I cannot do it. There are many minor things which play a major roles in our life and you have made me aware of all that like how to maintain Parents-teacher relations, how to wake up a child. I also learn how to handle the worst situation of life, co-ordination, teamwork, achieving goals, communication, concentration, positive thinking, what is a teacher, what quality should a teacher have and where does she stands in society, to respect ourself, self realisation, not to under- estimate ourself and others capabilities. I would like to Thank You sir to design such a programme for us and our Respected Madam who chose us to attend such programmeI. THANK YOU SIR AND MADAM. was great being there and learning soooo many things. Thank you again. I will be in touch with you and everybody i met there.

Shraddha Varma 

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