Brig Sushil Bhasin | “I Can’t do it”
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“I Can’t do it”

“I Can’t do it”

Priyanka was not confident of climbing up a rope and doing ‘Commando Crossing.’
Her friends were doing it comfortably and enjoying it too.

Priyanka was standing with a big ‘question mark’ showing on her face. I walked
up to her and said, “How are you this morning?” “Fine,” she responded. “Are you
sure?” I questioned. She had a slight smile on her face and said, “well, not

“Why?” I asked her. “I don’t think I can do this,” was her prompt answer. I
paused, pointed my finger towards her head and said, “Remember, you said I
don’t think I can do it.” Its just a little correction in your thinking that
can do the trick.
“sir, I am telling you, I really cant do it,” she insisted.
“Well I really think you ‘can’ do it, Priyanka,”
was my forceful reply.

I went on to convince her. “See all children are doing it. They are your
classmates. Do they have any capability better than you have? You are slim and
light. Some of them are heavily built. Their arms had a tougher time pulling up
their weight. Yet they did it. Difference? They thought they ‘can’ do
it and you thought you ‘can’t.’ Both are right. It’s the way
you ‘think.’

I saw a slight smile on her pretty face, displaying slight agreement.
“You said you are my friend. Are you?” I asked her. “Yes,” she said. “Will you
do what I tell you to do, something easy and good for you.” “Yes,” she agreed.
“Please go behind that tree, close your eyes, and tell the tree, “I
 do it” 21 times. She did it.
“Can you do it, now?” I asked her. “I can try,” she mumbled. Without wasting a
single moment, I instructed my staff to make her wear the harness. Now she was
up on the rope, sliding her feet on the lower rope, easily. She smiled. I
smiled back. She came down. “How does it feel right now?” I asked. “Awesome”
was the answer, with a smile, much broader this time.
“Who did it?” “I.” “You said you can’t do it. Then how did you do it?” “I was
being stupid, she said.”

asked her to raise her right hand, lower it slowly down on her left shoulder
and say, “Well done, Priyanka, you did it,” She did it. All those watching all
laughed out loud. But they laughed out louder when she did what I instructed

“Again, Right hand up. Lower it on you right cheek. Give yourself a slap. And
say, “Sorry Priyanka, I didn’t trust you.” She did it. This time the laughter
stopped and I saw faces becoming serious.

All children realised that they themselves limit their thinking, make some
perceived judgment and believe that what they ‘think’ is reality. Its many
times just a perception.

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