Brig Sushil Bhasin | Design Your Life – an overview
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Design Your Life – an overview

Design Your Life – an overview



It is the soldier in Brigadier Sushil Bhasin that inspired him to write this book.
He is primarily addressing young men and women engaged in academic pursuits before they join the work stream. However, the powerful insights he shares so generously can be used by anyone faced with tough personal, professional and social choices in life. He lets us know that our choice of career decides how we spend most of our time, the sort of people we are surrounded with and even our ability to raise and nurture our families.
This is a book of counselling for the young, their parents and teachers, and for those who may discover that they have landed in professions they are not cut out for. Brigadier Bhasin says it is possible to create a life that is so suited to one’s unique self that it appears to be custom designed. Such a life is possible and the techniques required for achieving this end have been made available to all in the pages of this book.
However, is merely understanding how to make it happen enough?
Understanding is definitely what you need to start your journey. Every growth journey entails course correction. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a coach. In a world where there is an explosion of information, the youth are better placed to take informed decisions today than they have ever been. A coach helps one pare the inessentials and guide an aspirant unerringly to his goal. A competent coach cuts out much of the trial and error and helps a student achieve quicker results.
I can say with all honesty that Brigadier Sushil Bhasin’s ideas work because I am witness to his magical touch as a coach at the Army Public School, Bareilly, which he changed forever with his vision, creativity and leadership. He educates, inspires and disciplines in equal measure with a ferocious commitment that does not flag till the goal is reached. Brigadier Bhasin is unique in that as a  teacher-trainer he remains an ever curious learner, which is, in my opinion, the defining and differentiating quality common to all extraordinary teachers.
I have seen him empowering students’ body and mind by rooting them in a space within themselves, which allows them to take control of their own lives. He is a mind shaper par excellence who helps students strengthen their wings to enable them to soar unimpeded to new and unimaginable heights.
I heartily recommend this book to students, parents, educationists and policy makers interested in happy, fulfilled and productive workspaces and a creative workforce that performs with passion by the heart and not by the clock.
Maj Gen SD Mahanti, VSM (Retd)
Former General Officer Commanding
Uttar Bharat Area
ex Patron Army Public School Bareilly
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