Brig Sushil Bhasin | Battlefield to Boardroom “Role of Strategy in Corporate Environment”
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Battlefield to Boardroom “Role of Strategy in Corporate Environment”

Battlefield to Boardroom “Role of Strategy in Corporate Environment”

A 2 hours focussed session on “Role of Strategy Formulation and implementation in the Corporate Environment” for the TOP management of Technova DPM

An intellectually stimulating session.


The word “Strategy” is derived from the armed Forces. It is defined as the “Art of deploying troops at the most advantageous place and in the most advantageous time before the commencement of operations. 

The emphasis is on “before the commencement of operations.”
It can also be understood as a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
It covers the BIG picture involving overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. When we talk of strategy we refer to the achievement of a future desired goal.
Another definition is “The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use. The term is derived from the Greek word for generalship or leading an army.”

What happens once the battle is joined is called “Tactics.”  It is an action art of deploying or re-deploying troops and conducting operations once the battle is joined or commenced, specially when in contact with the enemy.
Another way of looking at it tactics is a “means” of implementing or achieving a strategic plan. 
Strategy is “future” and Tactics is “present”
In an organization, strategy is decided by the board of directors, and tactics by the department heads for implementation by the junior officers and employees.

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