Brig Sushil Bhasin | 9 Reasons why New Year Resolutions fail
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9 Reasons why New Year Resolutions fail

9 Reasons why New Year Resolutions fail

than 2 % people in the world succeed in their New Year resolutions.
Here is why ….
They assume desires are goals. Goals
are well deliberated and planned. They are born out of intense desires but not
all desires turn into goals. A desire is turned into a goal when it not just
what the heart says but also validated by the mind and comes with a
step-by-step road map that tells you how to reach the goal with the resources
(time, health, money, network etc) at hand. 
They treat a check list as goals. 
Listing all that you wish to do is not the way to set goals or achieve

They bite more than they can chew. A few
goals, well planned and deliberated, stand a better chance of becoming a reality
than a catalogue of goals. One step at a time works much better. Trying to
achieve multiple goals at the same time spells chaos and lands you nowhere.
They lack will and determination. 
Man is born lazy. Success comes from moving out of the comfort zone. This calls
for action. It requires effort, grit and determination. 
They give up. 
When things don’t go as per plan, particularly unsound plans, they give up
easily. That’s the point where extra effort can make things happen.


6. They don’t do a Time Check. This
is the most critical. You can make resolutions but if you do not earmark the
probable timeline for reaching each goal, you can go on forever and the goal
may never be reached. You will need to consider the time available, and then
work on it so that you have optimum time to reach each goal along with what you
are expected to do everyday to reach the goal. You need to identify time
wasters and handle them carefully.

They do not prioritise. 
Even when the goals are deliberately planned and set, you need to set correct
priority. If everything is important and needs to be NOW, rest assured NOTHING
will ever get done. Prioritise, if you want to reach your goals. The most
important goals deserve the top slot.
They think but don’t act.  Achieving
goals calls for action NOT just thinking. You may think yourself to exhaustion
but the best laid plans mean nothing till they are put into action. 
They don’t write their goals. Strong
mental goals have lower chances of success than Weak Written Goals. The trick
is , “Think on paper.”  … not even on

Of 10 %
people who have goals only 2% have written goals.
You want to be in the 2% elite?  Join the DUMB* Club.


It is the most auspicious
day to begin anything – NOW!
Share you goals with us and let me know if you get stuck.
All the best for a 2017 filled with success, abundance and happiness.

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